‘…in the heart of the souks, babouches, leatherworkers, blacksmiths, wool dyers, there are plenty of opportunities for portraits of people at work… Next, the gnawa who stokes the furnace, heating the local hammam (or traditional steam bath); the tanjia’s are cooking as he makes tea and treats us to some traditional music. A brief stop at a master of the traditional art of stucco carving before the Criée Berbere, to view the carpet auction near the former slave market. Rays of light slant through gaps in the roof in the Souk; past piles of olives and the local delicacy, sheep head stew, we emerge in the soft afternoon light at the Djemaa el Fna to visit the dentist and his collection of extracted teeth…


Following many years in Morocco and beyond, writing and photographing for numerous guidebooks and travel magazines, I wanted to share my knowledge whilst providing an enjoyable experience for all concerned (including the Moroccans...).  One day in the ancient Marrakech medina to four days in the desert, sea or mountains, get off the tourist path and find the inspiration while fine tuning your expertise.


Suitable for both amateur and experienced photographers, guaranteed to  fill your memory cards with breath-taking images.