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365 Days 
A Stranger's View | An alien in Grenoble

365 Days is a series of photos taken over the period of a year. Armed with a camera, I take to the streets within an hour of my adoptive home, Grenoble  As seasons change, scenes evolve... Some disappear and some are reborn... It is the point of view of an Englishwoman observing what the locals don't see anymore and documenting the beauty and the strangeness of the place that I have called home for more than 10 years.

365 jours est une série de photos prises lors de balades photographiques sur une période d'un an. En perpétuel changement, en constante évolution. Au fil des saisons, certaines disparaissent et d'autres renaissent... Photojournaliste Suzanne Porter, part pour une journée de marche armée de son appareil photo. ‘An alien in Grenoble’ est le résultat qui en ressort. C’est le point de vue d'une Anglaise de naissance, qui observe ce que les locaux ne voient plus et qui voit la beauté et l'étrangeté des lieux qui l’entourent depuis plus de 10 ans.

Exhibiting at the Maison du Tourisme, Grenoble from 26th October... To see more:

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These ‘moments' captured by Suzanne Porter, pay tribute to men, women and children of all ages and from many different populations - mainly from Africa, where Suzanne lived and worked for many years. They are captured from behind, infront or almost in flight, with a perspective of space, landscape and openness.

A‘retrospective’. To 'look back’...A back that Suzanne broke in a boating accident, threatening her ability to walk again. 'Looking forward'... it was on this occasion that, she took up photography...

These images are available for hire and are currently on display at allée de l'Atrium, 38640 Claix

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